About us

We have been the leading provider of foreign language and business skill services to large companies, SMEs and public administration across a wide range of industries since 1997.

Our core services are foreign languages, business skills and translations.


We inspire companies and professionals to learn and develop.


To be an agile partner to companies in delivering learning solutions and excellent services which create value.


Our services

Languages and business skills

We are specialized in delivering business skills trainings in foreign languages in the corporate sector and public administration. Learning-in-the-flow-of-work, individual, group, workshops and online. We specialize in English, German and Croatian as a foreign language.

We aim to:

  • Develop language and communication competence 
  • Boost business and soft skills to meet present and anticipate future business needs 
  • Lean on emotional intelligence to develop complex tools and skill sets aligned with business needs
  • Improve performance and create value to organisations

We create and deliver customer-specific and highly specialized skill-based courses, workshops and trainings across a wide range of industries: energy, banking & finance, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, government and public administration, IT, legal services, business services, pharma, academia, tourism and medicine.

Our solutions include skill-based workshops and trainings:

  • Business Communication Skills
  • Presenting for Impact
  • Concise Communication Skills for Business (Reports, Executive Summaries, Briefing Notes, Talking  Points)
  • Reporting Skills
  • Emailing Skills
  • Public Speaking and Persuasive Communication 
  • Unique Customer Service and Shop Visit 
  • Team Communication for Multinational Companies (Building Rapport and Cultural Awareness)
  • Telephoning and Videoconferencing for Customer Relationship Management 
  • Making Sense of Meetings 
  • Mastering Negotiations 
  • Reporting Trends and using Analytical Tools 
  • Curiosity Challenge – goal setting, problem solving and critical thinking
  • Onboarding and Induction Trainings


We offer written, simultaneous, consecutive, audio-visual translation, interpretation, proofreading, localisation, adaptation, text corrections.

We deliver translations in over 30 languages, with a focus on translations to and from English, German, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Albanian. 

We specialize in large-scale projects such as:

  • Acts, delegated legislation, directives, company acts, rules of procedure and internal acts
  • Contracts and terms and conditions
  • Annual and financial reports, CSR reports
  • Meeting minutes, notifications and resolutions
  • Technical documentation 
  • Brochures and product catalogues
  • EIA and ESIA
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Project design studies
  • Project and tender documentation
  • Reports according to EBRD, EIB and EU standrads
  • Business plans
  • Marketing texts and web and social media content, PR releases
  • Presentations
  • Research papers and scholarly papers

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We also offer ONLINE training and learning, LMS, content creation, digital learning platform, consulting services for content creation, learning and training programmes, assessment centres, talent management workshops. 

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About us

We are the leading provider of foreign language, business skill training and translation services to large companies, SMEs and public administration.

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