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Dear Mr/Ms Ideal Student, email writer

I’m writing to let you know about emails. Saznajte više o osobi koja ih je izmislila, kako izgledaju u brojkama i postotcima, dati ću Vam i nekoliko savjeta i fraza koje možete koristiti jer emailovi su danas najčešće korišteno sredstvo komunikacije i najveći izum koji je došao s internetom.

Just a quick reminder that Ray Tomlison invented email. Radio je za kompjutersku kompaniju i odlučio natjerati dva kompjutera iz svog laboratorija da izmjenjuju poruke (exchange messages). Počeo je tražiti znak da odvoji ime i mjesto (character to separate a name from a place) kako ih kompjuter ne bi pomiješao i prvi upotrijebio @ znak (the first to launch @ sign into cyberspace). Ideja ga nije obogatila ali ga je učinila sretnim jer svaki se dan milijuni mailova pojavljuju na zaslonima diljem svijeta (millions of emails pop up on screens across the world) i svaki ima znak @.

To answer your question about impressive facts, first of all I’d like to know/could you possibly tell me how many emails a day do you send or receive?      

269 billion emails are sent per day, almost 2.7 million per second, that’s over 30 emails for every person on earth. every day. However,  Bill Clinton claims to have only sent 2 emails as President.     

That reminds me, emails have the best chance of being opened within an hour after they arrived in your inbox, then the open rate goes to less than 5% after 4 hours, and finally after 24 hours it drops to less than 1%.

Most emails open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and people are more likely to open emails with emoji, unfortunately you shouldn’t use them all the time because according to Forbes it might lower your colleagues’ opinions of you. 

I was quite surprised with the fact that people spend 5.4 hours a day checking email, I don’t.  

The average email user checks it around 15 times every day, but if you reduce that number to 3 times a day you’ll be significantly less stressed. We are interrupted all day long so an American consulting firm claimed that email distractions cost US economy $650 billion a year, because it takes 20 minutes to regain full concentration.


  • Sometimes it’s not necessary to write email if there is better and faster way to communicate.
  • Use separate business and personal email addresses.
  • Don’t write emails when you’re angry, it’s better to wait and cool down than to lose a job or destroy a friendship.
  • Read your email out loud, it’ll help you see and hear possible mistakes.
  • Start with an appropriate greeting: informal Hey Ana, formal  Dear Mr Smith or if you don’t know the name of the person To Whom It May Concern. Use an appropriate closing too.
  • People receive so many emails each day, so get to the point quickly, clearly and politely.
  • Use short sentences, spell check and specific subject line.
  • Put spaces between paragraphs.
  • Include a bit of „small talk“, but after a business part.

I look forward to being with you in my next blog.

If you have any questions about emails or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me on FB.

Best regards,


Jezični coach

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